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Garth Uchaf Farm

We keep a flock of 1100 South Wales Mountain breeding ewes and a small flock, [ 50 ewes ] of Black Welsh Mountain sheep, alongside a suckler herd of 52 Welsh Black cows plus youngstock. 

The farm is predominantly permanant grass, although about 8 hectares of root crops are grown & rotated annually.Around 35 hectares of grass is mown during the summer to make baled silage and/or hay and used for winter fodder. 

The farm is in the Agri environment scheme, Tir Gofal which encourages us to protect natural habitats such as woodlands and also create and manage new habitats such as hedgerows, of which we have planted over 2000 metres.This all adds up to, we believe, an environment where the livestock thrive, are happy & healthy and go on to produce great tasting meat.

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