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Cwm Carno Farm

The farm has been in my family for many years, firstly as tenants and then as owners. I am the 5th generation to farm here.

We have pedigree Welsh Black cattle and Nelson type South Wales Mountain ewes. All the cows are put to a Welsh Black bull. The calves suckle their mothers for about nine months. They are then weaned and fed indoors for their first winter on silage produced on the farm. The heifers are sold for breeding. The males are fattened at Cwm Carno mainly using grass. These are the cattle that provide some of the beef for the shop.

The sheep graze on the Common  (Gelligaer and Merthyr Common) all year round. They do come into the farm to feed in the winter. Most of the ewes are put to pure South Wales mountain rams. Draft ewes are sold at the Nelson sheep sale. Some ewe lambs are kept for breeding. The surplus ewe lambs and all the wether lambs are fattened on grass at Cwm Carno. Some of these are used to provide lamb for the shop.

The cattle are reared extensively and spend most of the year grazing. They are able to feed inside in the winter but they still spend most of their time outside.

The sheep and cattle are fed on silage harvested at Cwm Carno.
Small amounts of supplementary feed are bought in for the young stock.

We are farm assured. (FAWL) We run our farm as a traditional family farm.

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