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Cig Mynydd Cymru (Welsh Mountain Meat) is a co-operative of 5 farming families from the South Wales Valleys who have formed a partnership to sell their Welsh Black cattle and Welsh Mountain lamb. One of the families farm organically and is able to offer organically reared beef and lamb.

The partners purchased the Butcher’s shop in Treharris where the locally produced beef and lamb is readily available. All the beef is traditionally matured on the bone for approximately 3 weeks to ensure excellent flavour and tenderness.


We only sell top quality meat with full traceability.  Cut in the shop by our own master butcher, we can supply all cuts of meats – steaks, roasting joints, ribs, legs of lamb, chops, braising and stewing beef, burgers and sausages.

Animal Welfare

The welfare of all our livestock is of utmost importance and all our animals live free range on the pastures of South Wales.  We use a local abattoir to keep travelling times to an absolute minimum.

Welsh Black Beef

The ancient breed of pedigree Welsh Black cattle is renowned for excellent meat.  Cig Mynydd Cymru’s beef is mainly sourced from the partners’ farms making it truly local.  The cattle are slaughtered in Caerphilly and hung in the traditional way for at least 14 days.  Our Beef is delicious and tender – naturally.

Welsh Mountain Lamb

Our Lamb comes from sheep reared on hill pastures of the South Wales Valleys.  The Nelson South Wales Mountain ewes are free to roam extensively producing lambs which are sweet, succulent and very tender.

Organic Beef & Lamb

Penrhiw’s Aberdeen Angus beef is becoming renowned for its tenderness, flavour and

The calves are born in the Spring and suckle their mothers for at least nine months.  They spend the cold winter months indoors eating clover rich hay and silage.  They are turned out in the Spring to graze fresh grass rich in natural herbs.

All the lambs are reared on the Nelson South Wales Mountain ewes.  The ewes are renowned for their hardiness and natural mothering instincts. 

The lambs are born outdoors in Spring and soon learn to graze with their mothers.  They fatten naturally and fresh prime organic lamb is available almost all the year round.

Penrhiw Farm is certified with the Soil Association.  The award winning organic meat is also available at the Usk, Rhiwbina and Riverside Farmers markets.

Organic pork and chickens are also available - see www.penrhiwfarmorganic.co.uk  for details

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